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Meeting the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment on the 31st of May 2013

Meet with M of NRE 31st May 2013

I was at work when a neighbour called and asked whether I could meet with our newly elected  Member of Parliament Datuk Seri G. Palanivel who is now the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment NRE. We wanted to meet him as we had exhausted almost all avenues to resolve the environmental problems in our neighborhood. Letters from the Irrigation and Drainage Department instructing the developers of the neighboring project to restore the natural irrigation and drainage system of our area had gone unheeded. Ponds of water from the clogged streams continue to form. Yet the developers have now started  land clearing of the 2nd phase which is going to be massive and which will compound the problem of land siltation and flooding

Datuk Seri G .Palanivel explained that as he has only just been appointed as the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment  NRE  he would need some time to study the problem. He will nevertheless bring it up when he meet with his ministry’s staff later in the afternoon .

While we are glad that a special task force will be set up under NRE which will work with the Pahang Government to salvage Cameron Highlands ( The Star  20th May 2013 ) we are not keeping our hopes too high. Over and over again we have been disappointed as illegal land clearing continues.( to salvage’ Cameron Highlands is the right word to use for that is the state that Camerons is in now -state that is so ruined it needs salvaging.) So now we wait with bated breath on whether positive changes will be seen . We hope that NRE’s  task force will also work with local NGOs who have been striving to protect the environs of Camerons for years .