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The Disappearing Hills by Yeo Kai Wen

3rd April 2015-The Disappearing Hills is a documentary  of Cameron Highlands  with emphasis on the aftermath of the Bertam Valley floods. It is done by Yeo Kai Wen ,a young and talented student from Nanyang Technological University. Yeo spent around 3 months in Cameron Highlands and has given as accurate and  impartial account  as he could of the rather complicated state of affairs here.

I first got to know Yeo when I read his request to do his final year project here with REACH, our local environmental organisation and his message stood out like a beacon amongst the many requests we used to receive for such work. He gave a  good analysis of the problems here and knew exactly what he wanted to do.

Yeo spent many long days locating and interviewing  the flood victims, farmers, illegal workers and environmentalists. His interviews are interesting because he has this ability to get the interviewees to open up and speak. He also trudged across difficult terrains with his heavy photographic equipment looking for the best ‘shot’ . His images are excellent.

Please visit his very well done website to get an honest portrayal of  the Cameron Highlands of today