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What the eagle sees

26th December 2015-

I have always been fascinated by what the eagle sees as it hitches a ride with the warm, rising air currents and glides over us, sweeping above our beautiful highland forests, looking for prey.

eagle stare wm

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Because our terrain is rugged in some areas, undulating in others, there would be rising peaks and plummeting cliffs, there would be cascading waterfalls and rushing mountain streams .There would be meandering rivers and gentle valley slopes.

trata 7 wmmentigi forest reserve 4wm

As the day progresses yesterday’s mist would lift from the valleys, unveiling a lush canopy of many shades of green, of cauliflower like tree tops and ferns which look like florets from above. At the edges of these forests would be the occasional dead tree, a favourite sunbathing site for these eagles.

eagle  2 wmmentigi forest reserve 2wm

Yes, these would be what the eagles of yesteryears see. But today, man has made much changes to this pristine landscape, sometimes kind, often cruel,with nary a thought to all those who made the forests their home. Today this would be what  greets the eagle’s eyes.

In Tanah Rata…

tanah rata 1 wmrtanah rata 2 wmtanahrata 3 wm tanah rata 6 wmtanah rata 5 wmtrata9wmCarnation Park 1 wmgolf course 1wmstrawberry park 2wmsg ruil wm

In Brinchang

brinchang 3 wmbrinchang 1wmr

Editor’s note

The Draft Local Plan (Replacement) for Cameron Highlands upto 2030 is now up for viewing at the Local Council Building. I hope these pictures will give a better idea of the state Cameron Highlands is in and aid those who would like to give their feedback on the Draft Local plan. Over the next few days more pictures will be published.